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We have developed MYBIZSALE to help sellers get a better deal.

MYBIZSALE is the place to connect business owners with genuine buyers and is designed to help business owners get a better deal when it comes time to sell their business. You work with the same business broker for your entire sales journey, yet without paying a cent in commission at the end. Powered by Vision Brokers & Advisors MYBIZSALE is the only 0% commission firm that offers buyers all the tools, resources, tips and tricks that a broker will use when selling $5M to $10M businesses.


Our mission is to meaningfully impact the life and happiness of a small business owner when that time comes to sell. We know that a small business can be so important for the owners and their families. MYBIZSALE believe a business owner deserves as much of the sale price in their pocket as possible, instead of paying huge commissions to a broker, and with our assistance, they are fully capable of achieving not just a fair price, but a thoroughly rewarding and fulfilling business sale experience. 

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